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OO I do love sending lovely questions to passionate business’ like Fusion Flowers, I have to say.. that this is a lovely blog.

First of all we would like to welcome Kris from Fusion Flowers Birmingham. A talented Artisan in the design of flower arranging and so much more!! Today he has decided to answer some questions for our Miss to Mrs Blog… How fab… Now what to ask!!….alisha

We can see that running your own floristry business, is much more than a business to you it’s a real passion. What would you say makes your business more than just a service you provide to couples?

I absolutely love what I do and to be part of a couples special day is an absolute pleasure and honor. I’m always very honest with my clients and don’t walk them up the garden path and talk them into designs that will not suit them or their venue. If they don’t need it don’t sell it! That is my philosophy! I do my best to get quotes in on couples budgets and see our service as Floral Designers working with the couple to ensure they get the fairy-tale dream wedding they want and that their vision is bought to reality. So I would say that my business is more than just a service because I listen, take action and provide the best I can to work with the bride…

You have worked with many different colour schemes, what is your most favorite colour scheme and why?

I love all colour schemes but if I were creating my wedding designs I would say the Cream, Whites and Greens would be my choice of colour. These colours are so timeless, elegant and pure. I absolutely love the natural beauty of foliage’s mixed with flowers bringing in a very vintage theme and lots of textures…


Which product do you find receives the most interest? And why?

I’ve been a florist for 15 years when I started as a Saturday boy at the age of 15, and over the years I have seen different designs trend, fade away and return but the design that is most popular with my brides and clients is the timeless Hand Tied Bouquet. The most popular flower, I would have to say is Roses. Whether they Red or Ivory, Roses still stands as the most popular flower and a domed hand tied bouquet of roses is still the most popular…

If you could choose any of your creations what would be the one item you would take with you to a desert Island??

This is difficult as I have so many favorite designs! But I think I would take my Silver Candelabra Design with Candles! It would look so beautiful on the beach whilst having a picnic for lunch with a loved one and then I can light the candles of an evening whilst I create new floral designs for the next day…ramada (56 of 60)

If money and time was no object, what would be the one job you would like the most?

When I was younger I always wanted to be a Vet or a Teacher, but as soon as I began floristry as a Saturday boy I knew this was the job for me so I wouldn’t change my job but I would absolutely love a huge one stop wedding shop in our city where our brides could come along to and deal with the best suppliers ever. Everything wedding all under one roof! And of course my biggest dream is to expand to 5 shops all over the United Kingdom! … Mmm maybe one day….

We now have a Royal Baby, George. What would you design to celebrate the birth of the little prince?

Such an exciting time for Prince William and Kate! I would be so honored to create flowers for the Royal Couple. What would I create? I would create a huge pair of baby booties out of wire, willow and vine tied with blue ribbon for laces and then keeping in with the newlyweds flowers I would create something gorgeous using Bouvardia, dendrobrium orchids, white freesia, Convallaria Lily of the Valley, Myrtle and Ivy. Why? This is the closest flowers that Kate and William had at their wedding as some of the flowers are out of season in July. This would symbolise Returning Happiness, Friendship, Affection and Love…

Congratulations to Prince William and Kate..

Sounds amazing, I think the Royal family would be delighted……. So…..What is your favorite era?

I love a challenge to create flowers for couple’s special day and photo shoots, but I must say I do love bringing a contemporary twist to vintage design! A photographer once described my work at a vintage wedding show as Vintage Glamour! And I was so pleased to hear she understood my designs. Using the beauty of traditional flowers and bringing them into current trends is an absolute pleasure and I just love it!!!…


 To help our couples feel relaxed, what type of consultation’s do you run leading up to the design of their items and there big day? What would you say is special regarding the service you provide to your customers?

We begin our Wedding Design Journey with a free no obligation consultation. It usually takes 1 hour to 2 hours to talk about absolutely every option that is out there. I always ask my brides to bring with them as much information as they can:- colour samples, favorite flowers, pictures they have seen, mood boards, dress design etc; this is so I can in vision their vision from day one. Then the couple receive an email or letter from me detailing everything we have discussed in their first meeting. From the moment the couple book my services we can arrange as many consultations as needed! Consultations can take place at the venue, the church, the setting for photographs and even in the comfort of their own home. I’m here to work with the couple to ensure their day is their vision and the best day of their lives…

How can brides contact you?

I always guarantee a 24 hour response. On booking my services the couple receive all my details including my personal mobile.

Email: enquiries@fusionflowersbirmingham.co.uk

Facebook: www.fb.com/fusionflowers and www.fb.com/fusionflowersbirmingham

Twitter: www.twitter.com/fusionflowers01 @fusionflowers01

Shop: HEAD OFFICE 282 Yardley Road, Yardley, Birmingham, B25 8LT 0121 706 8643 0121 771 4416

I’ve been known online or on the phone talking to brides till 2am but I’m always here and happy to help…

Thank you for coming to the launch of our fun to network promotional shoot.. How did you find the day? And are you looking forward to the next one??

What an amazing day!!! The sun was shining, the venue is beautiful and it was such a pleasure to be working with such talented and passionate wedding suppliers. I enjoyed every minute. The Miss to Mrs Magazine were superb hosts and organizers for the day and the photos that i have seen captured how wonderful everything came together. I’m already researching the theme for the next shoot and i cannot wait to see everybody i met at the launch and all the new highly recommended suppliers that we will be working with…ramada (57 of 60)

Thank you so much Kris from Fusion Flowers… What a fab Blog. The wonderful thing about working with business that are not national.. is that they have more heart and soul, and Fusion Flowers that is what you have. You are a delight to work with and converse with. I know your brides will thoroughly enjoy you being part of their planning and their special day. Thank you again for taking part.. I have to say the last part made me get a little weepy. 

Being part of a team for Miss to Mrs Magazine, we value collaboration of ideas as well as networking to help business’ achieve success. Because through our recommendations we know that our brides truly are getting the best we can find. 

Any how, well done.. cant wait for the next blog!! 




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