ARJ Shoes


ARJ Shoes specialize in making 100% handmade shoes both for women and for men in the UK.
Handmade shoes are the ultimate luxury valuing quality and comfort.

ARJ Shoes, guarantee that no factory machines are used, just plain old-fashioned handcraft along with standard sewing machine.

As a small business ARJ, like to support other local business in UK, sourcing other companies materials.
The beauty of their services is they offer you a choice in shoe design and customization.

You have your perfect wedding dress, now your looking for those unique timeless shoes exclusive to you.
Or maybe you want the Mr and Mrs shoe that symbolizes the unity between you, whatever you choice of design or reasons.
Arrianne Johns designer, will complete your one off design within 2-3 weeks.

If you have a passion for shoes and you are on the creative side.
Why not, take up a chance in designing and making your own pair of shoes.
ARJ will show you all you need to know, acclaimed as one of the cheapest shoe courses that provide you with equipment, fabric and decorations.
This is a fantastic opportunity for learning new skills having fun and meet new friends.

For more information contact 07850408296
Email: –
Follow us on Twitter-@SCOLIURVYBACK


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