Gulseren Boutique


Gulseren Boutique is arguable one of the quirkiest crystal designers we have come across at Miss to Mrs magazine an we totally heart her style.
The fun embellished footwear presents that special wow factor.
Gulseren Boutique officially takes place in mainstream culture paying attention to the highly evolved yet cutting edge urban style.
Trainers are the core to street style, introduced in the 80s high tops were a popular choice topped with chunky laces.
The talented Gulseren graduate in Fashion design possesses the skills plus talent to create unique designs. Using 10


0% genuine Swarovski crystal ranging in all different colours.
All Swarovski designs are created and placed by hand for the ideal finish using strong adhesive. Gulseren Boutiques supply’s customized footwear.
Keeping the element of urban styling what sets Gulserens apart from any other is the plethora of individual and custom styles.
The beauty of custom style is that she keeps an element of urban but creates a personal stamp by teaming the shoe with ribbons, crystallizing logos and initials. Great attention to detail is what makes Gulserens boutique un

Gulseren Designer

ique and accessible to a wider range of audiences.
Already profiling celebrities from the likes of Stacey Solomon and reality TV stars from Towie and the Valley, Gulserens boutique is defiantly one to look out for.

Exclusive to Miss To Mrs magazine Gulserens announces that she will be debuting her evening dresses line.

With the evolution of individualism not every bride follows the wedding norms with comfortable embellished footwear being the new craze.

Finding a pair of shoes to complement your bride’s maid’s gowns should be fun, not stressful providing you don’t go about it the wrong way.

Being the practical bride you are, you look for comfort as well as elaborate detail.
An being a slave for trainers, you feel that these are a perfect present for your brides maids.
These are no average trainers you will be sure to impress your brides maids and also ensure they will thoroughly enjoy partying all through the night with you.
Gulserens boutique’s high range of favourite designs and styles means that you can easily cater to your whole wedding party whilst having something that is truly unique and designed just for you. And stocking footwear for children starting from 0-6 months, these adorable designs are an ideal gift for your little flower girls and page boys.

With a range of sparkly delights why not grab yourself one or three of Gulserens embellished bikinis along with the swarovski encrusted flip-flops ideal for your warm tropical beach honeymoon.

For more information call 07837418917
Or why not visit the official website:
To receive updates on products please do follow Twitter: @1Gulseren
Facebook address:


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