Meet Crystal Elegance.. from Issue 4

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The fun Loving family oriented Michelle Carter, founder of Crystal Elegance, speaks to us about her business furthermore she give us a sneak preview into what life is like being a crystallizing extraordinaire.

“I have never wanted much, just to help my family out with that little bit extra’.

What inspired you to start the business?

My boys are the ones who encouraged me to start my own crystallizing business.

They have always seen me customising items especially for my sister.

My sister loves everything that sparkles she is quite a blingy person.

Through my sisters love of sparkles, my family was able to see my potential.

For mothers day they all clubbed together to pay for my website (


What makes you different from any other crystallizing business?

What makes me different from any other crystallizing businesses is that I crystallize for the sheer enjoyment. I love being creative and I like when people appreciate and enjoy my work.

The majority of companies that are more commercial tend to employ a larger work force or bring in machinery. If in the future my business was to take off I don’t feel that I would follow the same methods as the other companies. I like more of a personal touch I feel that’s what makes a product special. I also strongly believe that if you put your name to something you should see it through to the end.

Do you use any special designing tools?

No tools just glue, everything is hand-made using household mechanisms such as Plasticine and a cotton ear-buds my bottles are all handcrafted.

Is this a part-time venture?

Yes, the company is a part-time venture. I have a full time occupation, as a Corporate Standards Director.

Crystallizing is one of my hobbies, having a busy demanding job crystallizing is my bit of down time. I find that being creative is therapeutic.



How long have you been going?

I have always made things from a little girl. I started beading and making personalised cards for my friends and family. When crystallizing became popular I started to focus on using high-end crystals such as swarovski.

My sister is my number one fan!  I have crystallized everything for my sister from the majority of her household goods. I have crystallized her kettle as well as her toaster even down to crystallizing family portraits.

What your business aim?

My ultimate dream is to have my products supplied to Harrods.

My aim would be to crystallize the Arsenal logo on champagne bottles for the football clubs.

I then asked Michelle why she mentioned Arsenal football club is she a keen fan?

Michelle laughs*

My family are WestHam supporters, I’m not keen on the WestHam uniform colours. I have always like the Arsenal colour.

When my boys were younger, I always dressed them in the Arsenal colours.

In results of this, two of my boys are now Arsenal fans and my other two are WestHam supporters.


For more information or if you interested in ordering one of Crystal Elegances fabulous pieces call 07889755592


Or follow on Facebook: Twitter @Crys_Elegance for more news and updates.


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