Raspberry B Boutique


Raspberry B Boutique is a unique vintage style boutique that offers a new take on vintage fashion, mixing in handpicked contemporary designs.2bl1lrktcmq168a1rkoi

All vintage clothing has been carefully chosen, and all brands and gifts have been selected from UK only. Sourcing products from only UK companies Raspberry B Boutique likes to support the UK’s local business. ‘With such amazing home grown talent why look anywhere else!’ The unique name Raspberry B Boutique was taken from the world famous music maestro Prince and the Revolution. The song Raspberry Beret was the second UK single from their album.

Truly a vintage classic as you can defiantly say the same for Raspberry B Boutique. With a beautiful vintage online catalogue you can search through the collections of dresses, tops and bottoms, each piece is unique. You will not find anything from the Raspberry B collection on any other online store.  The unique thing about Raspberry B is that everything you purchase complements the main garments or can complement your own wardrobe. With a pick and mix of gorgeous vintage silk scarves each one screen-printed with an impeccable design alongside a variety of adorable gift cards from the one stop shop. The beauty of the gift cards is you can choose a desired card ideal for the person you a buying for. Emma Glanville Director of Raspberry B Boutique has a fashion background in wholesaling. Launching her own website this year March 2013, our very own vintage fashion guru Emma has taken Raspberry B Boutique to pop-up-shop and the popular Genchi Market situated just outside London.


With her love for vintage clothing, Emma has found she enjoys networking with new people in the vintage community. If you are like an excited puppy when it comes to gifts, Raspberry B Boutique sends your purchased items perfectly dry cleaned and gift wrapped in tissue. All wrapped up your garment will then come in an elegant white signature box, with your very own little tag. There’s nothing quite like feeling a small part of a bygone 1950’s vintage shopping experience. Raspberry B Boutique welcomes all feedback and has various sites that you can receive information on their products.

For more information contact Emma Glanville on 07977937226 or email emma@raspberrybboutique.co.uk Check out Raspberry B Boutiques fabulous website http://www.raspberrybboutique.co.uk





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