Pink Princess

Pink Princess

 1010832_176997022473235_1081359779_nWhen it comes to weddings non-traditional is taking front seat! It’s not unusual for a couple to not follow the traditions of the traditional sit down meal. The suggestion for the quirkier styles of catering has become popular.

Food Station are a perfect solutions for non-traditional wedding spaces, with no fuss and fun for the guests, usually the unique idea of food stations is normal the focal point of the reception.

With Pink Princess you can defiantly say that this food station will be the focal point of your wedding reception and the envy of all your guests. This fabulous pink bespoke Trailer is not only amazing to look at, it can also cater to a mass of amount hungry guests.

Pink Princess didn’t always start off so pretty and pink she was re-constructed into a pink haven. The trailer has become very popular and receives a lot of compliments catering for events all over from various rallies, festivals. Pink Princess has made a statement with a lot of interest from the wedding industry.64598_176110365895234_1968451627_n

What is special about Pink Princess is they aim to please, always catering to your specific needs and takes great pride in the taste and quality as well as presentation of food.

With a delicious menu of foods you and your guests can sit back relax knowing everything is been taken care of.

Catering for all special occasions Pink Princess offer various food packages which you can find online on their website


Owner of this marvellous trailer Sian Jeffs, mother of two young sons decided she was going to take time out and enjoy motherhood. Once the boys were at the right age Sian decides to take on this fabulous business. Qualified as a Level 2 in food safety and hygiene. Sian figured that every one needs feeding and she enjoys making people happy. So why not go mobile and visit new places and people. With this Sian found that travelling and meeting people was one of the perks of her job. With amazing feedback Sian has felt Pink Princess has gave her the confidence to know what she is doing is right, by giving people something they enjoy.

If you love the Look of Pink Princess and you interested in enquiring please contact Sian Jeffs on 07847949033 or email

By Siobhan Kenny


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