Gurdips Cake House

Cakes are a delectable dessert and a scrummy treat for anyone with a sweet tooth, they create a perfect centre-piece at any

special occasion


Now there’s no need for anyone to miss out on the spectacular creations due to egg allergies or religeous dietary requirements, because Gurdips Cake House makes exquisite eggless cakes!

Based in Birmingham, they cover the entire West Middlands area, making gorgeous cakes with both British and Asian influences.

One of Gurdips’ newest designs is a cake made in the shape and style of a Choora (a Choora is a set of bangles given to an Asian bride by her maternal uncle and aunt just before the wedding) and the Western-style cakes are decorated with intricate sugar craft incorporating delicate floral designs and stunning gems.

Gurdip also offer little extras; chocolate treats and coconut ice for wedding favours, as well as cupcakes and cake pops.

To view some of these amazing cake designs visit Gurdips Cake House website on

Alternatively, to arrange a consultation and cake taster session, you can make contact via email

Call 07811196243/ 07948274622


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