Embrace the love – Happy St Valentines Day



Valentines day is the most romantic day of the year.
For all those little love birds who have recently been engaged or are renewing their vows.
Now is the time to embrace the season of love, by incorporating a hint of romance into wedding plans.
To ignite the passion and inspire the heart, here is a tale of where love began.
The origin for the expression of love came from the man behind St Valentines day.
“He was a roman priest at the time of a emperor named Claudius. He had prohibited the marriage of young people.This was based on the hypothesis that unmarried soldiers fought better than married soldiers, solely based on the worry of what might happen to their wives or families if they died. St Valentine disagreed with the emperors notion and he took it upon himself to marry solders in secret. Eventually caught, Valentine was imprisoned and tortured”.(David Kithcart, 2007)
Although the tale is bitter sweet, without St Valentines belief in love and marriage the traditions of love wouldn’t be so sacred today.


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