Wedding Hair & Make Up – get your money’s worth…


As the quote goes…”Good work ain’t cheap, cheap work ain’t good”.
Now we all know that it’s true and we all know what happens when we try to pay as less as possible but expect an excellent job or service. This too applies to Bridal Make-Up artists & Hair Stylists.
Imagine this…you’re a bride whose anxiously been panning your big day with military precision. The dress, the flowers, the décor, venue, photographer, entertainment, hotels, cars all the things necessary for that one special day. Then you realise you need to find a hair and make-up artist with the skills and experience to make you look fabulous, but you don’t want to pay ‘that much for it’. You could do it yourself but you need it looking flawless and it needs to last all day under various conditions, the camera is not so forgiving when picking up badly blended foundation or smudges.
We hear and see this time and time again. You’re willing to pay any amount for ribbon and table settings but not so much for someone to come and get you looking your very best, which in time, everyone will see in the wedding pictures for years to come. And yes sometimes the quotes are pricey, each artist prices based on their self-worth and these do vary but please take into account even a ‘light, natural look’ costs something. I’m not saying pay a ridiculous amount, there’s always room for some negotiation but like other skills this is their livelihood and they will have already invested a large amount into their kit, travel and accessories to complete your look.
Here are my tips when looking for a hair and make-up artist for your wedding and occasions:
Go with a recommendation if possible otherwise research online and find someone who can show you images of their work or a link to their portfolio. This will also tell you about what brands they use in their kit.
Find out if they’re available for your date/dates, if they aren’t move on to someone else.
Speak to them to see if you feel you can get on with them. You want to be comfortable and be able to communicate what you would like and rapport is important as this is an important task.
Find out if they offer a discount for a group booking, it may be viable for them to get your bridal party ready to if they work with assistants. They will be on hand to oversee the bridal party are catered to well.
Once you’ve decided on an artist, send them some images or styles you like so that they have an idea of your tastes. Then book in a trial so you know exactly what will happen on the day.
Remember that you are paying for the artists skills and experience, choose wisely and always ask questions. If you are unsure of prices get a quote and ask the artist to breakdown the charges. If it is out of budget always discuss this early on. We want you to look your best, you are proof our work is worth paying for.
More on Make Up & Hair trials in my next blog…..
Monicka Make Up & Beauty is a hair & make-up artist, specialising in Airbrush Make Up. Covering the East Midlands and nationwide, Monicka and her team are available for 2014 bookings. Please visit or call 07949 103817 for more information.


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