Wedding Planner of the month!!

From the moment we say ‘Yes’ we start to plan our weddings. We might even start planning them well before then! But when we’re officially engaged, we have an actual wedding to arrange. Whether we have a date in mind or not, there will be a dress, Bridesmaids, the man of our dreams, flowers, music…..we just know it’s going to be amazing! Finally, all the ideas we have been adding to Pinterest/scapbooks e.t.c will become a reality. 
But where to begin?! Getting married is a stressful life event along with moving house and death. But would we attempt to deal with either of these things without professional support from a solicitor? It wouldn’t be advisable. But most people plan weddings on their own even though specialist support is available.  
A Wedding Planner could help us but we’re not posh, we don’t want the expense and we rather enjoy looking for the little bits and pieces that will make our day unique. Sound familiar? 
A Wedding Planner can save you money and we will help you to plan the perfect day. I find that people are a bit wary of wedding planners, unless they know someone who has used one. Successful, established wedding planners do not need to advertise – their business comes from referrals. If you take a look at the testimonials of any wedding planner, you can see what a difference they have made to Brides like yourself. 
It can be hard for you to consider every aspect of a Wedding if you haven’t been to many yourself. Wedding legislation has changed so much in the last few years, you may not be aware of all of the options now available to you. We can help you manage your guest list and help you to focus your ideas and bring your dreams to life. You’re only going to get married once so how do you fit in all of the ideas you’ve been dreaming about? A wedding planner will help you to prioritise what is important and give you the time to enjoy every aspect of your wedding from planning to the day itself. 
The modern wedding planner is a stylist, confidant and mediator. Our fees are surprisingly low but our value is high. Best of all – you give us a budget and we stick to it. No spiralling costs! Speak to a planner today for a free, no obligation consultation.


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