Beautician of the month!!

Pre-wedding treatments Blog!!
We all know that a Bride wants to look Beautiful on her Big Day and will go to great lengths to achieve this Beautiful Look! I have seen a few Beauty Disasters and Just wanted to share the way i would recommend a pre wedding treatment scedule and the reasons why!!
Treatments to have Pre-wedding either as a one off a month before or monthly for 3months before; A facial – its a perfect way to get your skin and face make-up ready for your big day! Its helps rejuvinate the skin and produces circulation to give you that ‘Bridal Glow’ you’ve dreamed of! Please remember that a facial can cause some people to break out and in order to give your Complexion time to settle you should have A facial 12-14days before your actual wedding!
Massage- this is such a great way to calm the mind and relieve your body of pre-wedding stress! Not only is a massage physically relaxing but it also hydrates dry tired skin and aids the body to detox, naturally releasing toxins!
Manicure&Pedicure- The hands are a focal point in wedding photo’s as photographers love to get a photo of the newly weds rings! Manicure’s and pedicures are recommended for everyone every 4-6weeks but we are all on a budget! I’d say have a luxury manicure & pedicure a month or 2 before the wedding but have your final polish/paint for the big day 2-3days before to get that fresh look!

Brow tint & Shape – The brows frame our face and a tint & shape enable a MUA’s work to look even more  Stunning, i would advise a brow tint & shape every 4-6weeks to mantain that natural brow look. The last brow tint before the weddig should be performed 4-5days before to allpw and redness if the skin to settle. Make-up should not be applied to the skin directly after waxing or threading and should be left atleast 24hours to heal!

There are so many more treatments a Bride to be could want before her special day – i’d also bare in mind Waxing (get your body Honey moon ready) & Also Eyelash extensions for that Natural Long Fluttering Lashes Look! Most beauty salons will offer Bridal Packages but make sure that you also have a Skin routine at home and drink plenty of water to aid Natural detox 🙂
For Bridal Packages in Leicester please see – xx

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