Kristy Marie Designs


I just love helping out brides with their hair accessory choices, whether it
be during a consultation, emails, messages or even virtual contact.  So I
was more than happy to help out the amazing team at Miss to Mrs Magazine
with this blog feature.

At Kirsty Marie Designs, we do our best to find the perfect accessory to
compliment your dream dress, but we also work hard to ensure that not only
does it look amazing, but that it has staying power, for those wedding dance
offs and that it does not become uncomfortable (think back to those younger
days and those times when your favourite Alice headband would feel like it
was clamping shut behind your ears – ouch !).

So where does a bride start ?
Well, firstly we love to know what you like, any designs you have seen, will
you be wearing your piece day and night, will it become an heirloom, or a
piece you want to wear again, your chosen hairstyle, will you be having
matching bridesmaids pieces etc.  Below are some frequent concerns and
questions we receive.

What will my piece be secured too ?
We have some brides who are concerned that they have soft, fine, pieces won’t stay in their hair  or just want to make sure their piece is going to stay !  We have a number of options available to our brides.  If you are choosing a piece with ribbons, you can discreetly place a pin or clip in a spot where it won’t be seen to ensure it stays in place.  Our tulle finished pieces simply tie in a beautiful bow at the back or side of your head.  If we are creating a piece that requires a comb then we use the loop ended combs, because they allow a bobby pin to slide through them with ease, adding more security (picture below shows this style of comb).  This comb is what we also use on our veils, to avoid flyaway veils on windy days.


I have short hair does this restrict me ?
A lot of brides have short hair especially with the recent pixie cut trend.  We can attach our designs to alligator clips, bobby pins, apply two combs but using a smaller comb, or if you can, go for a headband. Tip: if you do choose a headband with short hair, we recommend having it wrapped with ribbon matching as closely as possible to your hair colour, so that it blends with your shorter hair, making your piece stand out even more.


We hope the above has helped you with some thoughts to start with, while you commence your perfect accessory search.  For more advice why not send us a message via or visit our shop on Etsy at we would love to work with you and create something beautiful for your special day.  We also create veils, necklaces, bracelets, barefoot sandals, bridal belts, garters and more.


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