He loves me, he loves me not….. Fleurever Designs!! You won’t believe it till you see it!!

Love me, love me not… well that’s the beauty about choosing items for your wedding day that can stay beautiful all day and even after the special day. We love all types of diy, handcrafted products that offer that shabby chic feel to your day. Please take a look at this lovely business Fleurever Designs…. you can find them on facebook at


I’m pretty sure if your reading this then you will be engaged, so would like to start off by congratulating you both.


We are a paper florist company based in North Wales. We started in 2012 when arranging my own wedding. I’m a sentimental kinda gal and of course a money saver. My fiancé and myself decided to design our own paper rose with our vows printed on it as a FOREVER keepsake of our day. I decided to test the waters and it took off. So much so I needed to shut up shop and worked on perfecting different designs and the paper work side of things.


Earlier this year we relaunched with a large range of flowers and some very alternative designs. It’s amazing work as brides bring so many different ideas to the table. We work closely with all our brides asking many questions but building up a a good idea of the vision you have for your day.


We can incorporate so many ideas into your bouquet whether it be sheet music of a favourite song, vows, maps of places you met, copies of love letters……….etc etc leaving the possibilities endless. We source specific materials and gather ideas for a design with a vision of producing an elegant design for your approval.


We know brides spend an enourmous amount of time perfecting every detail of their special day, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and every bouquet we produce is genuinely a one of a kind forever keepsake.


We look forward to working with you.

All the best for the new year and happy planning x


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