How to create your own Wedding Cake Bride and Groom Peg Doll Toppers – by Gemma Bannister at Lotty Lollipop

My Hand Painted Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Toppers are hands down my best sellers. I think they are so popular because they are such fun and will add the personal touch to anyones wedding day.


In this blog I am going to show you how easy it is to create a pair with your own fair hands. So if you are a Bride on a budget and fancy yourself a dab hand with a paintbrush then look no further. I have the perfect project for you.

I sell on my website a kit which contains every thing you need to get creating:

Paints, Pencil, Paintbrushes, diamantes and my own design of 9cm Peg Doll figures.

front set

So here goes. How to make you very own Wedding Cake Peg Dolls, Lotty Lollipop style.blog2Using a pencil mark out the faces by drawing the Bride and Grooms hair line.

Blog4Again with your pencil mark out both the Bride and Grooms necklines.

I find it helpful to mark the centre of the faces before I start this step. It helps me to stay as symmetrical as possible and draw things in the correct position.

For the bride: Draw a horizontal line roughly 1cm below the neck, take this line right round the circumference of the doll. Once drawn, this line can be adjusted to the shape of the neckline. As in this example I have created the sweet heart.

For the Groom, draw a V shape in the centre going roughly 2cm down from the neck and 2cm across. The inside of this V will later become his shirt.


Using a flesh coloured paint, paint the faces and brides chest area. I like to apply two coats as I believe this gives you the best result.

Do not worry about being too neat as when you apply the hair its outline will straighten the edges up.

Once the paint has been applied and has dried re draw the hair lines if neccessary.


Using hair colours and using the flat part of a flat brush (I use a size 3) create a straight smooth hair line, and fill in the remaining hair section.

As before I like to apply two coats.

Put your peg dolls to one side and allow to dry throughly. So that when you start work on their bodies you will be able to hold them by their heads.


Using your desired Grooms shirt colour paint inside the V that you have drawn.

Do not worry about being too neat as the edges will be tidied up with the line of the suit.

Apply two coats and allow to dry completely.


Draw on the outline of the Grooms tie and shirt collars.


Fill in the tie with the tie colour.

Once dry redraw the outline of the tie if needed.


With the Groom’ s suit colour and using the flat part of a flat brush tidy up the shirts edge. Fill the suit in with block colour.

Allow the paint to dry. Using your pencil, mark on the detail of the waistcoat, lapels and trousers.


With the Brides dress colour use the flat brush to create the neckline and the fill in with block colour.


I like the faces of my Peg Dolls blank, however if you do want your figures to have eyes then the easiest way to do this is using a cocktail stick. Mark out where you want your eyes to be in pencil then dip the tip of the stick into black paint and dot them on.


To finish your Groom, use a contrasting suit colour and your cocktail stick to mark out the jacket, waist coat and lapels. If you are a more experienced painter you may prefer to use a fine brush to do this. I suggest a 3/0 size or less.

Using a contrasting shirt colour mark out the shirt collar and tie in the same way.

Leave your dolls to dry before removing any pencil marks with an rubber.

You can then go on to embellish your bride with diamantes or pearls using PVA to stick them on if you wish.


Voilà! There you have it, one Bride and Groom to be proud of to go on the top of your wedding cake.

Any questions or comments please do post below – I’d love to see your own creations too. Please feel free to email them to me at

Wishing you all your Happily Ever Afters

Gemma XXX


3 thoughts on “How to create your own Wedding Cake Bride and Groom Peg Doll Toppers – by Gemma Bannister at Lotty Lollipop

  1. Do you know if someone somewhere makes these blank dolls in a white board material? I’m looking for something JUST LIKE THIS that I can reuse.

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