Miss to Mrs Real Life Weddings

We do love a good wedding story here at Miss to Mrs Magazine, and as a consequence we want to start featuring our real readers weddings.

We want to hear the inspiration behind your big day, how it all went, any special suppliers that went above and beyond. We want to hear everything and anything so please do get in touch.

I’m Gemma from Lotty Lollipop and I’m the MisstoMrs resident Blogger and am the person responsible for putting this together. With this in mind I thought there would be no better place to start than with my own wedding day. So grab yourself a cuppa, sit yourself comfortably and I’ll tell you about how my Happily Ever After came to be.

I met my Hubby, Jez  on a holiday is Kos in 2001. 9 years later with two children under our belts we decided to tie the knot. I would love to tell you this was a mega romantic affair but it wasn’t. Truth be told I wanted the security of his pension if he snuffed it (something I wasn’t entitled to just as his common law partner) and I wanted the same surname as my children too.

So with Jez’s 40th Birthday approaching I had the idea of throwing an alleged surprise party for him – but the surprise would actually be on our guests. As it wouldn’t be a party at all, it would be a wedding, our wedding. Despite loving the idea it did have to be scrapped, the date was only 6 weeks away. There were people we wanted to be there that worked shifts, they wouldn’t change them at such short notice for a Birthday party but would of course for our wedding.


Our children were so young at the time: Toby 7 months old, Lotty 2. The night do really didn’t rock our world, so we did away with it.  Concentrated on using our money to get really beautiful food, and went for an intimate, close, family affair.


We had originally intended to invite just 30 adults however we couldn’t quite get down to that figure so it was 35 that came instead.


I married in yellow prom dress, my favourite colour. I knitted Toby’s little romper in a Cashmere and Merino mix wool, Lotty’s dress was from Boden and she got plenty of wear out of it after the big day. A friend did the photography for us, my mum made me my wedding cake and I iced it. The Toppers were a wedding gift from one of my guests.24755_378236461730_6190153_n-2

We married at the registry office then everyone came to the restaurant afterwards. The majority of the people invited were our current mutual friends, who we had met through having babies. This meant there was 10 2 year olds and younger attending. It was just perfectly lovely and what our life signified in that snap shot of time.

The wedding venue, The Manor House was a tapas restaurant. Tapas leant itself beautifully to a wedding menu. It was a real find and the very last place we went to visit. I was starting to get nervous we won’t find somewhere. We were adamant we didn’t want the “normal” wedding. We wanted it to be informal, we didn’t want a head table, we didn’t want speeches, we didn’t want centre pieces … But I was amazed how unreceptive some venues were about this. One restaurant in particular told me that their room could not be laid out in any other way than with a head table. It apparently wouldn’t work, which was total nonsense it was a large square room!! The hotel manager at The Manor House was like a breath of fresh air though, she just said yes to everything we wanted. Then went away and created a very special Tapas Menu with her chef for us. Which included Fillet steak Tapas, yum (:


Venue: The Manor House

Cake Toppers: Forever Fairies


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