Peg Dolls, Children and Fairies – Lotty Lollipop Feature Seller

We have a new piece to roll out on the Miss to Mrs Blog, the weekly feature seller. So if you are an Awesome supplier; or you have inspiration you feel you can give to fellow businesses in the Wedding Industry; or you simply want to let us all know a little about you, the face behind your brand. Whatever the reason please do drop us an email to


So where better than to start than with me I am Gemma, the face and Artist behind my little business Lotty Lollipop.LL High Res longlogoRGB-01

I founded Lotty Lollipop back in 2009 after my second child was born and I was desperate not to go back into the  commercial rat race of 60 plus hours a week. I wanted a job that I could do from my dining room table, that I could fit around my children and most of all that I enjoyed. I had hated my previous job!!


In the early days my product range was completely different, it was born out of the handmade gifts I’d given to children’s friends for Birthday’s and Christmas’s when money was tight. It was very child orientated and there was not a peg doll in sight. Moving into the wedding industry was quite accidental but a real turning point for me and Lotty Lollipop. I made an old friend a Bride, Groom and Flower Girl cake topper. Whilst buying the blank peg dolls to make these I bought 10 6cm ones which I made into little Rose Fairies. I posted all these items in my shop that I had on Folksy at the time and never looked back.

wedding of Lizz and Chi woods

I now have three children and as of September (2015) they are all in full time education. Up until this point I always had little fiddling fingers helping at some point during my day. My youngest, Franky, watched a lot of YouTube and Netflix during the day. However, I didn’t want to put him into day care. The whole reason why I was doing what I was doing, was so that I could be around to watch them all grow. I feel very lucky to have been able to work like I have, but it has been really hard. There has been many 1am finishes and 5am starts to get orders completed. All of the kids being in school is huge for me, I am hoping that I will no longer have to close my eyes whilst walking past the ironing basket and hopefully be more organised in my personal and work life. This past year or so has been frustrating as I have so many ideas, but I haven’t been able to implement them as time has been a massive constraint. Please watch this space (:

Wedding Cake Topper Peg Dolls

So what do I do? Lotty Lollipop fills people’s lives with hand painted loveliness one little Peg Doll at a time. All my pieces are “one of a kind”, bespoke and unique. You can purchase my items online on my website, Facebook page, Instagram feed or in my Etsy Shop. I make non wedding related dolls too, so do come take a peek.


I have recently taken my hand painted Jute Bags and Canvases out of my Lotty Lollipop shop, I may reintroduce them under a different brand name – but that’s for the future. However, when I was selling hand painted bags I had 250 of them on Harrods shop floor alongside Pink Addiction Perfume. I site this as my greatest achievement to date. They had to pass Harrods very strict quality control, which was no mean feat! and at this point I really did think that maybe my business could take flight.


My worst moments so far have been learning to deal with copycats, which quite frankly sucks! I don’t want to dwell or go on about it too much, but it is unfortunately the downside of social media. I am so grateful to Social media as it has given me this platform to launch my business, something that 10 years ago just wasn’t there. However, it also opens the doors to the people wanting to piggy back onto others creativity. I can tell you there is nothing more soul destroying than seeing one of your ripped off designs on your computer screen.


So lovelies here are my words of wisdom: Be original, be unique and love what you do. If you have these three things everything else will just fall into place.

*Roll the Credits*

Thank you for the beautiful photos to (from top to bottom)

Michelle Howard Wedding & Bridal Boudoir Photography


Amy Breeze Photographer

R&L Photography

Scott Rothney Photography


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