Applique, Gowns and Dragonflies – Foxglove and Gingersnap Feature Seller

IMG_2869Today we have a very lovely and talented seller on the blog, Rachael from Foxglove & Gingersnap Bridal Couture. I have followed Rach’ on Facebook for some time now and must say I am one of her number one fans. Her vibrant and fun personality really shows in her bridal gowns, which are funky, alternative and unique. Win, win, win in my book. I am very excited to have her here on the blog.


Hi Rach, can you tell us a bit about Foxglove and Gingersnap and the history behind it?

So, I create Bridal wear for the Bride who hugs the stand-out element in life and throws her arms around alternative.


I began with appliquéd artwork, my own doodles and art being applied to wall hangings, bags, cushions etc. but always in the background I would be stitching dresses for myself and friends. I became more interested in the body mapping side of dress making, as women are all so differently shaped. To create a pattern from an idea in your head is an amazing feeling, and to merge the two (dress making and appliqué) was a natural progression really.


I have always had a love of sewing and after having my daughter, I hung up my scissors of the hairdressing trade and picked up my fabric scissors full time. The artwork itself is quite time consuming, with the painting and fine needlework, and giving my dresses a ‘tattooed’ appearance. But, I thought what better way to express yourself than on your wedding day by having a dress to suit your out-there personality. Brides are taking a more relaxed approach these days and are not dictated by a ‘traditional’ wedding so much. With second marriages and vow renewals, women are more open to a fresh approach and I can help them take that path to their perfect interpretation of their perfect day. If they’d like a pink dress with a favourite tattoo or piece of art appliquéd to it, their wish is my love!

So Rachael can you describe to us all your typical working day at Foxglove and Gingersnap HQ?

It can vary daily due to either the pattern creating, the artwork side or actually constructing a dress. The design of the dress and artwork comes first with lots of drawings, then measuring my client and creating a toile (a mock up of the dress itself) from muslin where any final tweaks and adjustments can be made to perfect the fit before cutting into the final fabric. Once that has been completed, the final fabric is cut, any artwork is then incorporated either by fabric alone or hand painting may need to added, then the construction of the dress and lining. This can take weeks as the entire process is completed by myself.


Wow, a real labour of love then! Where can people see your work and buy from?

I am still running my Facebook page, where it all began and I have my Etsy shop where you can find all my appliquéd artwork, wall hangings and kitsch clothes. Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter as well. A website is coming in the near future and I’ll be working on that too.

What to date is your proudest moment?

Gosh, that’s easy…recently being asked to be on the front cover of Aspire magazine and being awarded a certificate of recognition for Unique Wedding Gowns 2015! Of course, one of my dresses from a photo shoot earlier this year on the front cover, not me!


And your not so greatest moment?

Hmmm… truthfully, I haven’t got one. We all have days where things never go according to plan, but its ok to make mistakes. You come out the other side a little wiser for it!

You are ever the optimist! Definitely a cup half full person. If I could give you the gift of time travel, what would you go back and tell your fresh faced Foxglove and Gingersnap self?

Blimey, LOTS of things! But as your business grows, so does your knowledge. Get yourself on a business crash course would’ve been helpful as I’m gung-ho for stitching but not so much on the technical side of things. I still struggle, but see it as a challenge and I’m learning every day.


I think a lot of handmade artisans struggle with the business side of things, I know I do too. So with this in mind what is greatest challenge moving forward?

Getting myself noticed, definitely. Knowing how to put myself forward without being too pushy. Also, I work from home and would eventually love a studio space.

Any words of wisdom for a new business just starting out in the wedding industry?

Keep going! Its a vast market, but somebody, somewhere will love what you do and they will be your biggest evangelists. If you love what you do, and put the utmost effort into it, you will reach your goal.

Big thanks for the photos goes to:

Fuller Photography


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