Spooky Night


Spooky Nights ghost hunts are designed to give you a real ghost hunting experience and that they deffinately did as the misstomrs team joined them for a great spooky night at one of there sights, The towers mental assylum. With this being a local site to us in Leicester, we kind of new some of the history to place and what it was all about, but learned so much more which was very heart felting.



We took part in part in vigils, stances and ghostly experiments which proved to be very lively with alot of ghostly activity.
Spooky Nights ghost hunting team were brilliant and  helped us capture some amazing paranormal activity. We were all freaked but what else were we expecting?


It is not the role of the Spooky Nights team or misstomrs team to prove that ghosts exist but for you to!
So why not book yourself on a night with your stags or hens for an alternative doo!!

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and cannot wait to go again, believe me you will be hooked!!

Spooky Nights Media Projects
Contact the team on: 0115 9720586



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