About Us

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Recently founded in April 2013, Miss To Mrs Magazine is inspired to become the most influential wedding blog, specializing in covering every little aspect of weddings.
We hope our weekly digest will evolve your own creative ideas and encourage our reader to envision and create their own visual collage.
We at Miss To Miss Magazine, get down to the nitty gritty, we are privileged to have wedding insiders from industry professionals.
We are able to deliver you the latest trends, which focus on vintage, chic, glamour and elegant content.
We do not stop there!
We let you know everything you need to know on all of your choices, from reception, locations, entertainment, beauty, flower, fashion and trinkets.

The beauty of our magazine is all in the name. We look at everything from starting out as a Miss, planning preparing hen and stag parties all through to the big day.


Wait, it doesn’t stop there!

We are with you throughout the beautiful Journey of becoming a Mrs, Building a newlife creating your own love nest together, all the way up to planning your first child.

We believe the inspiration behind our name differentiates us from any other of the leading wedding magazine in the market.

Miss to Mrs Magazine founded by Directors Katherine Benson,is Growing fantastic teams of experienced design, advertisers, writer and contributors.

For any advertising and sponsorship quires contact company director

Katherine Benson Tel: 07428125417

13 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Because you liked a blog of mine I got the chance to see your site. This is a very cool and beautiful service you offer. Best wishes to all of you in helping couples have a great foundation for keeping the love flowing in their lives together. πŸ™‚

    1. Hello there! Thank you so very much for your kind comment. That made our day here in the MissToMrs office! We greatly appreciate feedback especially with such lovely content. πŸ™‚

  2. Love the idea of a wedding site that focuses in vintage style!
    We have welcomed couples to our French Vintage style holiday accommodation (see the link on our blog for details)
    Would be very happy to have a link to you on our blog

    Gill & Trevor

    1. Hello there! Thank you for taking your time to look at our blog. We actually have a different theme each month. Our last one for example was Neon. Our Vintage shoot is going to be published in our next issue due out on the 12th of june! πŸ™‚ Its great to have a variety in what we do and also gives exhibitors a chance to showcase different products they do. I’ll have a look at your blog now. We actually published a French themed addition not so long ago!
      Kind Regards, Aquamanda, Senior Journalist at MissToMrs.

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