Let them eat Cake, a Miss to Mrs Photo shoot.

When Kat got in touch with me to ask if I wanted to be involved in the Magazines up and coming photo shoot, the answer was always going to be a big fat “Yes Please!” I had worked with Michelle Howard, the photographer on a WWI commemorative shoot the year before. I can still remember the first time saw her photos from this shoot and nearly falling off my chair. They were just stunning!! So me and my little Lotty Lollipop toppers totally wanted to be part of that again.


 “When I watched to the film Marie Antoinette I just knew the magazine had to create this photo shoot. I love floral prints, the French and Paris. I knew all of these things combined would make for a fantastic day and fantastic photos.”

-Katherine Benson,  Magazine Director


The location was Bellgrave Hall in Leceister. I had my little helper for the day, Franky my youngest son. The sun had his hat on and we had a lovely morning playing in the gardens whilst the Brides got ready.


Boy were the gardens beautiful!! They were a blaze with colour, with the most stunning Wisteria in one corner, it was just the most perfect of backdrops.


“The scenery was amazing to say the least, I felt enchanted by what seemed to be a secret garden with hidden compartments. This is the beauty of a 18th century town garden. With every step forward something new unraveled itself.

My inspiration for the Marie Antoinette shoot, started with a shoot I had taken earlier in the year, based upon the word white. This was a more creative shoot, but I really wanted to create something in line with this but for weddings. The rest of my inspiration was taken from books and films. They were more points of reference. However upon seeing the venue, the light my ideas would evolve. You never truly know how a shoot will finally look untill you are in the moment, and you have the models standing before you.

My main main was to use the colours from the flowers to ignite the photos, and to help frame each image. I had instructed the MUAs to create two looks, one more natural and one that was more in line with the Marie Antoinette look… I believe everyone should show how creative they can be on shoots like this… it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and contributing their ideas in that moment. It was a case of getting stuck in and going for it!”
                                                                                                                    -Michelle Howard Photographer
“I looked at lots of images of Marie Antoinette, both paintings of the lady herself and images from the modern film about her as a starting point. I knew that I wanted to aim for romantic styles of headpieces and try to make sure that they were in keeping with the theme without being too old fashioned or over the top for the modern bride. I incorporated bows, flowers – both roses and lillies and used strings of pearls and cameo brooches for the vintage look.
I always start with an idea and then play around with materials until a piece looks right and is balanced. When working with a client, I would then send photos to check they’re happy with the progress before completing the piece.”
-Amy Weaver, Mad Doll Hattery
“Having specialised in Wedding Hair for most of my hairdressing career its amazing to see how things and fashions have changed.
These days I’m seeing less veils, more flowers and textured accessories to go with low cut, bare back dresses. I’ve definitely seen a growing trend amongst Brides to shop locally, from such places as bridal boutiques, for their hair jewellery. The pieces from such shops are such better quality and just photograph so much better!
The Brides I am working with are asking for a I’ve rolled out of bed look, but with all the height and class of the Vintage Bride. They want plaits, pincurls, curls and waves all mixed in together and I just adore this trend for this complete mash up! Taking a theme and making it unique to the bride and her hair and being able to use a modern twist on a retro style to match her new age dress i thinks really important, you don’t want your hair in one era and your dress in another. With this in mind, that is what I tried to create on the day. There are a few classic styles that I think all brides will look timeless in, soft curls, quirky plaits and that very much needed beautiful hair piece that brings out your dress perfectly.”
                                                                                                                                               -Lauren, Hair Stylist
“I literally leapt at the chance to become involved with the Miss to Mrs Marie Antionette themed photoshoot. I knew that not only would I be working with some very talented people, but I’d get the chance to flex my creative fingers. Literally!

I adore bringing out the vintage pin up, screen siren and Hollywood legend in my clients. This project  appealed to my more adventurous side of hairstyling.

My aim was to create two styles that would use my existing skills along with some new ones. I wanted the finished looks to have more of a fashion edge, yet still be commercial and something a bride might actually want on her big day. They were also to be quite contrasting – one romantic and curled, the other modern and clean. And both were to be BIG, just how Marie Antoinette’s hair would have been!

I absolutely loved building the styles and had a ball on the shoot. Our location was beautiful, and luckily the sun shone for us! The finished images are stunning, as is the issue of the magazine. I’m very much looking forward to being involved with future collaborations! “

-Sarah Bloor, Pin Up Curl
“I’ve always loved the look of Marie Antoinette style and loved creating it more.
The essence of the make up is making it look like it is from that era, whilst not going over board with colour.  The beautiful dresses, fascinators and hats really helped pulled the look together. That combined with everything else, the location, the cakes, the props made for an utterly stunning day.
I had so many ideas in my head for the shoot but could not help going on Pinterest for just a touch more inspiration. At the end of the day who wouldn’t its addictive!!!!! “
                                                                                                          -Michelle G, Make Up Artist
Like Michelle I too had been on Pinterest for inspiration, I wanted to create quite a modern feeling Cake Topper but with the 17th twist. I decided on a Candy Pink Beehive and a Groom in a Bowler Hat and Braces.
4tJYrkWCLxz2TqSf1KzF_ZsKV1D_EzgW_ofq7n4huH0,PefNDBXP516h6T7XoqRsyCnEpjeXl-3_mrbWTMdbGV4-2My little Rose Fairies were an already existing design but lent themselves beautifully to the brief.
I’m really proud of what we all achieved on the day, our different approaches and artistic styles pulled together to create something quite special. I can’t wait for the next one!!
*Roll the credits*

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